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In this act, the man is all about his penis, his needs; whatever makes him feel good instantly--and with no regard for anyone else.He views the pornographic woman who demands nothing, does not judge his performance, or require anything other than that he look at her, and he most likely never forgets the image.

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If they will continue to connect in this way, most likely his sex drive and desire for her will return.

There are no quick fixes or instant solutions for a male's sexual incompetency, but there are wonderful moments of intimate connection awaiting most who persevere.

He may become sexually anorexic, other than the sex he has with himself.

He may begin to control, criticize, and distance himself from his wife so that there is no chance she might want to be intimate.

It is not easy for this sexually hyper-charged self-sex expert to accept that he is not able to make love, express kindness, connect intimately, or rise to the occasion of sexual intimacy with his wife.

She will watch him become angrier, more depressed, and more isolated.

The physical appearance or flaws of his real-life woman, compared to the perverse or perfect bodies he habitually views, is an issue that hampers his getting an erection, but there are other factors that lead to dysfunction.

Sex has now become an act in isolation, so he has a very difficult time fusing love and intimate connection with having sex.

His sex organs and the pleasure that he derives from them are all that really matters to him sexually.


  1. In a statement on Twitter, the "Shooter" star assured fans he has nothing but the utmost respect for women and would never lay his hands on one.

  2. He is a three-time Golden Globe Award winner and two-time Screen Actors Guild Award winner.

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