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In 2012 Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) announced that the two had given birth to a baby daughter and the couple soon sold their house to Luke Durville (Gerald Urquhart).

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Like Carroll, Nisha Madhan is given equal opportunity to display her talents with a variety of characters, and her asides to the audience and engagement in the less expected moments on the night demonstrates her relaxation and confidence on stage.

Julia Croft is tasked with the most difficult character, in that she has a genuine internal conflict, which, while given the opportunity for redemption, is more black and white in comparison to even some of the smallest characters.

He returned permantely several months later and instantly connected with Shanti Kumari (Nisha Madhan) and the two started to date.

Scotty came under suspicion for being the Ferndale Strangler and he and Shanti broke up when he discovered she was engaged.

Alice tried to set Meg up with Craig Valentine (Renato Bartolomei) but ended up falling for him herself.

Meg gained a job at the hospital and following the arrest of Kieran Mitchell (Adam Rickitt) for the suspicion of being The Ferndale Strangler, Meg agreed to be a police informant.

The first look motion poster of the movie was released by Adam & Eve Company on Ashwin Shekhar's birthday.

Meg Harris was an old nursing school friend of Alice Piper (Toni Potter).

Patrick Carroll exemplifies this point, stealing every scene with chameleonic skill, without ever intentionally detracting from the work or his fellow cast.

Providing the vocals for the eponymous elephant, Balthazar, Carroll and puppeteer Jonathan Price bring the purely functional character to life with grace and magnitude, although the attempted degree of realism in the puppet, especially the eye, does evoke a sense of the uncanny valley.

Nonetheless the two reconciled and married in a 4-day Hindu ceremony.

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